Out of State Witnesses, Attorneys, Litigants

It has come to our attention that some people are trying to get letters from the DOH to give them exemptions to the 2 week quarantine to attend court proceedings.  IF A WITNESS, PARTY OR ATTORNEY IS COMING IN FROM A STATE ON THE LIST THEY WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ENTRY INTO A COURT BUILDING EVEN IF THEY HAVE A DOH EXEMPTION LETTER.  Please explain this to your witnesses and clients ahead of hearings.  If you become aware of an issue prior to the court date contact the judge and your adversary immediately so arrangements can be made for virtual appearances if necessary.  The only exemption is if they were only passing through a state for a limited duration (less than 24 hours), for reasons of a rest stop or layover.  (Current List).

Please also note that everyone must be wearing a mask always when in court.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Hon. Paula Feroleto
Administrative Judge, Eighth Judicial District


Judicial Candidate Ratings 2020

Press Release, June 4, 2020: Women’s Bar Association Announces Judicial Candidate Ratings

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